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Words that make me cringe

14 December 2009
  • globalization — I’ve worked so much on this recently, and really never want to talk about it again
  • ointment — something about the [oi] bothers me
  • moist — same story, I think it’s something about it being next to a nasal consonant
  • grammatical — so many people use this word so wrongly; grammatical is what people do say, not what is “right”
  • paganism — for some reason still used in religious studies dialog?
  • muscadine — bad experience with some bad wine
  • “God hates” — two words, yes, but together the most destructive words in all religion, if not the world itself
  • mutilation — I always get disturbing mental images
  • Palin — does anyone in their right mind not cringe at this?
  • gherkin — long story…
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    1. 14 December 2009 00:45

      I can’t deal with word number 3. I can’t even type it. Any time I hear it I have to suppress the urge to gag

    2. Cattie permalink
      10 May 2010 15:51

      LOL @ Palin

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