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Diocesan Convention

23 January 2010

Just got back from the 194th Convention of the Diocese of North Carolina, serving as a lay delegate for UNC’s chaplaincy. We had no vote, but did secure permanent seat and voice by a resolution. It was a really valuable experience, getting to see the inside of the Episcopal Church’s working and I leave more understanding of what it means to be a church leader.

Two interesting things:

  1. Went to one of the more moving Masses of my life. The diocesan bishop celebrating, the two suffragans concelebrating. Almost every single member of the clergy from the diocese was there, as well as all of the lay delegates and officers to Convention. Crammed into St. Paul’s in Winston-Salem. The building literally shook when we said the psalm and when we sang. Nothing like seeing the Church (in its primary structure as a diocese) in its fullest form: all the bishops, all the priests, all the deacons, representatives of all the laity.
  2. A book was written by a task-force on marriage which will soon be sent to every bishop in the Episcopal Church. It’s called Writings on Marriage and is available here for $4.06 in paper form or free for download. I haven’t gotten to reading it all yet, but from my first impressions, it is an excellent theological analysis of marriage in all sorts of debates. I highly encourage downloading it and seeing what the Diocese of North Carolina has to say about marriage.

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

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