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New (old) project

18 February 2010

I chose not to write an Honors Thesis for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is that I would have had to have written my thesis in something that did not interest me. In linguistics, there is not a sociolinguist on the faculty–sociolinguistics being my primary interest–so I would have had to have written something in formal linguistics and that would have been phenomenally boring. I could have written a thesis in French, but I would not have had an interesting topic until after I got back from the summer; most French honors theses are written on a literary topic. There was no reason in stressing out that much on something that would not have been rewarding. The second major reason is that my primary interest was in religious studies, but that not being one of my majors, I could not write one there; I found out my passion for religious studies too late in the game to make it a major.

I decided instead to write a book. Yes, a book. It was to focus on my spiritual development in the past five years, by which I have been able to adopt out a belief system that allows me to forge a unified identity. My plan was to use my story as a case study to critique culture and religion for their tearing apart of people’s world. I would then present the belief system I found as a way to reconcile the schism of identity.

I did not like the blame game I had started with. I was upset when I started and never got to finishing the book because of this reticence to finish what I had started on. A few days ago, I picked back up my outline and revised it, to be much more affirming and reconciliatory in tone. I have now restarted the project.

Await updates. We shall see how this goes.

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