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Moral fig leaf

27 June 2010

From “The Bible and Homosexuality” in The Good Book by the Rev. Peter J. Gomes (San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1996):

Many of my critics, chiefly from within the religious community, asked if I read the same Bible they did, and if I did, how then could I possibly reconcile my position with that of scripture? When arguments failed, anathemas were hurled and damnations promised. The whole incident confirmed what had long been my suspicion. Fear was at the heart of homophobia, as it was at the heart of racism, and as with racism, religion–particularly the Protestant evangelical kind that had nourished me–was the moral fig leaf that covered naked prejudice. I further concluded that more rather than less attention must be give to how we read the scriptures, what we bring to the text, what we find in the text, and what we take from the text.

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  1. Lee Thomas permalink
    27 June 2010 12:48

    That’s the stuff!

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