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1 July 2010

This track was included in Unabashedly Prep‘s monthly playlist this morning and I’ve been rocking out to it since. The band are the Paper Tongues and they are out of Charlotte (!).

Oh oh I
Oh oh oh I
Oh oh I
Oh oh oh I

You got a way of living your way, say “I want that.”
I try to live my life for the people who need a come back.
There’s too many problems to think that you could fix me.
My name is called the world and I’m dying of unbelief, see,

I’m the kind of person who’s strong and wants to react,
So feel me when I fight for the cause of bringing hope back.
Don’t ask me where I’m going ’cause I could never prove that,
But I do have something to say

I am reaching from the depths of my soul
Hear me pleading: I’m a child, I’m the poor.
I am needing to draw on your virtue, you better believe it.
Trinity, don’t say goodbye,
And you know that time after time we will survive:
That’s why I’m still alive.
Oh oh I (5x)

Love and action takes the widow with her loss.
True commitment takes the orphan’s pain because
Bridges broken their souls pouring out, oh why?
Our days are numbered by and still we walk this line


The words can’t break your bones,
So I release them in a song.
Unbelief, get out my head;
You can’t win, ’cause I’m not dead.
Prison step aside, ’cause it’s time for us to rise.
All my people under fire, you can bet this time that I will survive.

Chorus (2x)

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