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The United States of Good Beer

21 February 2011

Click image for full-size. I have to say that I agree with everything here. However, I’ve never had Full Steam, and wonder about whether or not it can compete with Asheville brews. But Harpoon wins for Massachusetts, which is how it should be.

(Source; h/t to Ariel W.)

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  1. 21 February 2011 19:20

    Hi from Fullsteam! We’re holding our own and doing pretty darn well for a seven-month-old brewery.

    We don’t compete against Asheville breweries; in fact, we self-distribute 98 percent of our beer within the Triangle market. We’re currently at capacity and gearing up for expansion.

    Note that this totally unscientific public opinion survey asked readers to nominate breweries on social good and sustainability. I guess we got a few votes, probably for our focus on brewing with local ingredients. This was a complete surprise and an honor.

    Come visit sometime when you’re back down here.

    Cheers from a fellow Episcopalian (Holy Family in Chapel Hill),

    • Patrick Burrows permalink*
      21 February 2011 19:37

      Wow, ask and you shall receive…

      Congratulations, y’all! That’s really impressive, even moreso now that I know the background. And I certainly will come visit the next time I’m back down. I’m always on the lookout for local craft breweries, especially those doing something strange and innovative.

      In the meantime, best of luck!

      In peace,

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