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Sabbath Manifesto

26 February 2011

Yesterday, the Lead on the Episcopal Café published an article about the Sabbath Manifesto. Essentially, this group called Reboot (which is aimed at “rebooting” aspects of Jewish culture that have fallen dormant) has proposed a set of ten principles for modern-day Sabbath. The challenge starts with the National Day of Unplugging, from sunset on Friday, 4 March to Saturday, 5 March–which also happens to be the first Sabbath in Lent–and continues indefinitely from there.

The principles of the Sabbath Manifesto are:

  1. Avoid technology
  2. Connect with loved ones
  3. Nurture your health
  4. Get outside
  5. Avoid commerce
  6. Light candles
  7. Drink wine
  8. Eat bread
  9. Find silence
  10. Give back

My Jewish Learning has a detailed breakdown of what the underlying values are here. That said, the principles are meant to be customized to personalized. As is said on their About page, the point is to “create rules that allow you to rest and reflect without destroying the fabric of your life.”

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