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St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

18 March 2011

St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is exactly what you’d want/expect it to be. Literally everyone wearing green. Even the usually stuffy businessmen in their power suits, most of whom have a subdued green tie or shirt, but a couple of the more adventurous ones with a violently green pocket square. Some people are wearing green to ridiculous levels, including Mardi gras beads with tiny beer mugs attached or those exaggeratedly large felt leprechaun hats. And of course, Celtics t-shirts everywhere. Even the red-purple light under the observation deck on the Prudential Building has been changed to green in honor of the Irish saint.

A random protest about sending Irish greyhounds to China at the corner of Boylston and Clarendon. I still don’t understand.

An absurd number of tourists. A car from New York blasting “I’m Shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys waiting at the red light as Laura and I are walking to the Post Office. People visibly drunk on the street at 2pm.

A beautiful day. Temperature when I leave the office is 64˚. People are literally everywhere. Strolling down the Comm Ave Mall, seeing the first signs of Spring (finally) arriving as flower bulbs push up their first growth. All throughout the Public Garden, people are playing music, including group of college kids beating out some pretty good Irish trad. Because it’s also Evacuation Day (a made-up holiday only celebrated in Boston, remembering the British evacuation of Boston Harbor during the Revolutionary War), kids are out of school and running all over the Common.

Though the tourists were annoying, as was having to see drunk people out of my office window (but not-so-secretly wishing I was amongst them), it’s exactly what it should have been. Out. Of. Control.

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