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Prayer for Persons of Privilege

13 May 2012

By the late Ana María Isasi-Díaz, one of the mothers of mujerista theology and a great among the ancestors of the innovation of social ethics into a justice-making venture in itself. (Thanks to Sofia B. for the language here.) Que descanse en paz.

Dios mío, we pray for all of us who receive privileges crafted out of oppression and prejudices, privileges that erroneously set us apart as superior, better, and more worthy while marking others as inferior, not as good, even unworthy. Touch our hearts with your motherly love and care so we will be open to all our sisters and brothers throughout the world and will be fully respectful of this biosphere in which we “live, and move, and have our being.” Help us to trust those on whom we depend, who are known to you, whether we know them or not. Let us see that your justice goes beyond equality, for though we do not have the same material, intellectual, and spiritual resources, we share your equal regard. Change our insistence on claiming we had the right to use however we wish—or think we merit or deserve—what we earn. Rather, because the resources of our world are limited, we must consider the needs of others before availing ourselves of all that we can buy or grab. Help us who claim to be fair in our dealings realize that we never can free ourselves from our own interests and often act out of our prejudices.

Querido Dios, we pray for the sisters and brothers at whose expense we enjoy privileges. Give them the strength to keep hoping and struggling for fullness of life for themselves and their children. Do not allow our injustice to harden their hearts, embitter them, or have them give up those of us who live at their expense.

¡Ay Diosito! Continue to embrace us tenderly. May your love and the struggle of the poor and the oppressed touch our hearts so that we can indeed be part of your family, true children of God, welcomed at the feast of life you have prepared for all those who embrace without exception all of your creation.

Así sea. Amen.

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